OpenBoardData Project

Welcome to the OpenBoardData Project

Storing an archive of community contributed known-good values of circuit/logic boards of all types in order to facilitate diagnosis and repair. Although currently quite biased towards Apple products, there's no limitation on brands or models that are accepted.

This is an open-data project, collecting community contributions for the benefit of the community. There's no lock-in, there's no subscription and everyone is permitted to contribute and access the data alike.

Currently four (4) types of data being stored;

  1. Diode values of nets
  2. Resistance values of nets
  3. Voltage values of nets
  4. Diagnostic solutions

Each of the diode, resistance, and voltage measurements can also have a short note associated with them in order to clarify matters or highlight something for the technician. The diagnostic solutions make it easier for working your way through fault finding even if you're unfamiliar with an existing board, or if you're just not the sort of person who needs to remember everything.

OpenBoardData supports multiple board conditions that allow you to store data for specific situations/conditions, such as the removal of a certain chip or a peripheral attached/removed.

OpenBoardData data is licenced under the Open Database Licence (ODbL)

  • Currently integrated/supported by FlexBV
  • For information on how to contribute, please email
  • To add a new board to the database, please send the boardview & schematic to A new entry will be created if one doesn't already exist.
  • To add a new board solution / diagnostic sequence, email the solution along with what board-path (bpath) it apples to to
  • Number of registered boards: 108
  • Net Data Entries : 61,620
  • Component Data Entries : 26,572
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