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This data released under the ODbL licence.


Network Diode/Volt/Res values


Component values

R6E13 v 36.5 OHM
R6E27 v 1
R6E30 v 1khom
R6E31 v 0
R9D21 v 10 OHM
R9D34 v 1
R9D4 v 402
R9F2 v 0 OHM
R9F25 v 0 OHM
R9F26 v 0 OHM
R9F28 v 0 OHM
R9F3 v 249 KOHM
R9F4 v 10 KOHM
R9F6 v 1 KOHM
RT9D1 v 1